Sunday, January 5, 2014

What we do for our animals...

We have two dogs, a snake, and the 9 chickens...

With the temperatures reaching -25F tomorrow and Tuesday, we have to help the animals make it.

I spent yesterday and today getting the chicken coop ready, and this evening, I blocked all the girls in the coop/chicken house, and they aren't allowed out until Tuesday, after it starts to warm up.

Then we have the snake, M.C. Scales, which I just need to check his heater and water him... maybe throw a blanket over his cage.

Then the dogs. They are outdoor dogs.

Charc, is a 12 year old female Norwegian Elk Hound, who is easy to care for, would be fine outside, but with her age and easy temperament, I don't mind letting her in. She is a smart, sweet dog, who only hurts squirrels and rabbits. The kids love her, she is sweet, and just lays on her bed. She never goes to the bathroom in the house, and you can leave her inside when you are not home.

Sir Cosmic Chaos, AKA Cosmo, our 11 year old Jack Russell is another story all together. He is why the dogs live outside. He is a sweet dog, has a loving temperament, but has a little problem... he pees on everything. I mean EVERYTHING; it doesn't matter if you are watching or not. Within 5 minutes of being inside, there will be 2 puddles somewhere, and not only puddles, but he lifts his leg to go, which means you find it about 8 inches up on everything. 8 years ago, when pregnant with Arden, I decided that when you clean up more pee or poo from a dog, then you do a 2-year-old, the dog needs to live outside. A crate doesn't work, he will poo or pee in it, within minutes of being put in, just so you let him out!

We let the dogs in when it gets too cold. We are not cruel people... but in order to allow the dogs in, (well, in order to allow Cosmo in, Charc can go anywhere in the house) this is what we have to do:

No one can say that we don't love him... look at all the work I put in, just to let him in for two days!

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