Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I love Scouting.

Tonight I hosted my Wolf Den, (second graders and their siblings), in my home; we worked on a cooking requirement... I was happily surprised that it wasn't as much chaos as I expected! We had a lot of fun. We had a rainbow of colors on our plates, the boys prepared the meal, and even tried a little of everything we made. No one even missed the fact that we "only" had fruit for desert! Arden loves being with these boys, and I love getting to watch Arden grow.

Rory had a great night tonight too! Rory is incredibly dedicated to scouting. He comes home from school asking to work on things, he attends every council event offered to him, and even every pack event! Because of his dedication, he made the decision to move through the Webelos program in one year instead of two! He has all of his requirements for his Arrow of Light, and is just waiting on his Age requirement. This means he will be in Boy Scouts in the fall!

Tonight was his first meeting with the Webelo II den. Until now, he was with the Webelo I den. His night went great. He came home giddy and happy. Apparently, they are designing their flag for the annual Snow Shoe Competition, and his flag design was chosen! His happiness last night took away any worry that I had about the path he has chosen with scouts. Moving him with the boys who are on a Boy Scout target for this year was a great choice. The difference in my son last night, compared to weeks prior, was heart warming and great to see.

Next year, I will have TWO boys in Cub Scouts, and one in Boy Scouts. Pair that with Carl and I both holding positions in the pack, and it means we are going to be one BUSY family. I'm hoping in a few years (once Evie is in school) to take a full time volunteer postion with the Council. By then, we will have her in Girl Scouts too...

Dear Hubbie was a Cub Master for two different Cub Scout packs before we had children... Some of his best memories as a young boy are from scouting, and he still, as an adult, is proud of his Arrow of Light and displays it on his uniform.

I volunteered in the 90's (back when I lived in the DC area) to help the Cub  Scouts during their summer day-camp (long before having children who would be in scouts was on my radar). I still have and wear my patch I received for volunteering. 

The fundamentals of the Scouting program are things that every child (girl or boy) should be involved in and learning. If you have a pack or troop in your area, volunteer! I have never heard of a pack or troop who didn't need the help! If you can only help once and a while, do it! Everyone has a special skill that they can teach to these kids. Use your skills, and help a child grow!

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