Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chickie Chickie...

We have hens. 9 hens actually. Everleigh calls them our "chickie chickies".

Part of our daily routine involves these hens. They need watered, fed, let out of our coop, and loved.

I typically leave these jobs to the children. As a chore, it is a simple, yet fundamental one that needs done, and they are able to do. It gives the children some responsibilities, and teaches them things about life (love, care for animals, responsibility, and compassion for all things).

Today, the kids had other things going on, and I was left with the care of the girls...

This is a photo of Mary Kate. She has a twin sister, Ashely. (Yes, if you have figured it out, they are the Olsen Twins) To be honest we can't tell them apart, and really it doesn't matter, as long as we have two of them.

They are both sweet, will allow the kids to handle them, and give us nice brown eggs.

Our other girls are named: Henryetta, Isis, June, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosie (because as the song goes, she is a whole lotta Rosie), Yetti, and Chewy (yup, from starwars). All are various breeds, and we tend to get about 7 eggs a day now that the girls are a bit older and not all are laying daily.

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