Thursday, January 2, 2014

Let it Be, Let it Be...

In a household of 6 people, 4 of whom are 10 and under, life gets crazy... and dirty!

I spend so much time after each child, trying to make them clean and help me. I swear my life consists of only a constant rotation of cooking, laundry, dishes, brooms, and dustpans.

My oldest is pretty good about helping, but the others, you would think the world is ending when you ask them to put up folded clothes!

Today, in the midst of the fighting to get the house straightened up, my oldest blessed me with a good chuckle.

I love this goofy, pain-in-the-butt kid.

Today, I am done cleaning. The laundry is going to sit, and beds will remain unmade... he made me realize sometimes, you just have to 'let it be'. One day won't hurt anyone, and if someone comes to our house that cares... well, too bad.

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