Monday, January 27, 2014

The end of a LONG day...

I am finally at the end of a VERY long day.

I learned a few things this week that may help all of you readers...

#1. If you haven't had a ticket in 10+ years, when you are pulled over, ask the cop to reduce it.
#2. If you are in NC, you CANNOT go to the local DMV to get a copy of your driving record. You must either have 3 weeks to wait, or drive the 4.5 hours to Raleigh to pick it up from the headquarters.

Last summer I went to visit my grandmother in WV. While going through Abingdon, VA, I was pulled over. I was speeding, not awfully, but was speeding. I had no idea it was ok to ask the officer for a warning! I thought it had to be offered, but apparently not. So, a few months ago, with four children in tow, I went to court to plead my case, and the judge agreed that upon completion of an 8-hour driving class before tomorrow, and the presentation (by tomorrow) of a certified copy of my DMV record after the class was taken (to prove that I had no citations in between), to release the ticket and not make it "stick" or go on my record, he even waived the fine.

The class wasn't as easy to get into as I had thought, and wasn't offered in my county. With the holidays, there were a few less classes offered... so needless to say, it was a last minute thing. I was able to take my driving class on Saturday (which my ticket was less that HALF of the violation of the other students), and found out I couldn't get my driving record locally. I spent 9 hours driving today, starting at 5am.

I made it back to Asheville by 3 to pick my kids and carpool up from school.

Supper has been cooked and consumed; now I can finally relax. I think I may head to bed after a nice cool drink. I'm completely wiped out.

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