Friday, January 3, 2014

A thing or two about living in the South...

We live south of the Mason Dixon. A good bit south of it actually. There are a few things I have learned after moving down here...

Number One:

People do not have mud rooms. At all. Nor do the homes here have foyers. I don't understand. I know that we don't get as much snow as up north, but we sure as heck get as much or more rain, and for longer periods! I will never understand why there are no mud rooms, and why people are expected to leave their muddy boots on in the house, or why kids are expected to wear them all day at school! We keeps our wet boots behind the door... in our dining room. Otherwise, they are in the kitchen or right in the middle of the living room, there are no other options. It drives me insane. This is a shot from this morning, all the kids were in the snow, and our boots have to sit somewhere to dry...

Number Two:

The snow here is minimal, but you would think the inch which fell was a blizzard! Schools are closed, roads are closed, and even stores are closed! The reason is the roads... they are ice. Honestly the worst I have seen in winters, and I lived in the Ohio snow belt! Apparently, even though we are in the mountains, and do get snow, it doesn't matter. The state legislation doesn't make allotments for salt/road treatment, or even snow days from school!

There is a lot more about living in the south that I have yet to learn, but those two things drive me crazy every time it rains, or snows.

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